Blogpost-Ludum Dare #42

Ludum Dare #42

About four months have passed since our last Game Jam. In the meantime we were occupied with other projects and getting to learn more Fusion stuff. So Ludum Dare #42 was the perfect chance to see where we are currently at and to put what we had learned to the test.

In the previous blogpost about Castle Game Jam we could also provide you with a video - unfortunately though we did not record this time, which is a pity, because this Jam had everything: drama, joy, sadness, laughter AND A WORKING GAME THAT DOESN'T LOOK TOO BAD!

The theme was "Running out of Space". At first I was thinking about my room which is constantly running out of space .... But we decided to go for something else.
Simone came up with the idea of exploding Slimes, where their remains would clutter the game area. I thought it would be nice to also be able to clear that up - so the fina idea of our space janitor was born!

For us it was important to get a tiny game with a complete game loop done, so we would have enough time to experiment with adding a lot of fluff/polish (e.g. camera shakes, dash effect and so on).

To be fair: we actually were quite fast with prototyping the whole thing, but we also ran into some dead ends. Our good friend and mentor Windybeard helped us out whenever needed. We are pretty satisfied with the outcome of the game!

Although there is no recording of how the game was made, it's pretty cool that Elysia Griffin picked the finished game up and played in on her stream, wohoooooo!