Our Games

We work on our own games.

We assist our clients during all game production phases, starting from early concept sketches to complete art direction, 3D modeling, producing or management services. We also offer traditional design solutions for your needs.

If you have a project where you’d need our help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Cats Organized Neatly

Cats Organized Neatly is a Puzzle Game where the player has to fit cats of all different shapes and sizes into the play area.

The game contains over 100 levels and was made in Clickteam Fusion.

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Kanji Memo

Kanji Memo is teaching the basics of Japanese Kanji.

The Kanji are tailored towards learners who want to do the JLPT N5 Test, so the game is a great addition to learning and remembering Kanji!

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Nexar is a game about a cube plagued by lack of self-confidence and doubt. To him the world is like a maze - winding and complicated.

With the help of the player, the cube will find a way through that maze and discover new sides of himself, he didn't think were there.

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Here you can find the outcomes of several Game Jams we've taken part in over time.

Some Game Jams were as short as only one hour, some of them were several days.

Enjoy! ;D

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